Swim & Skate Community Sponsorship

swim and skate community sponsorship opportunities

​A great way to generate exposure to your organization while supporting community activities. Swimming and skating are an important part of our community. Many families, groups and individuals take full advantage of our recreational facility throughout the year.

​The Sponsor shall receive: 

  • A booth beside the customer service desk or in the Community Corner. 
  • Signage at the sponsored skating/swimming time slot.
  • Recognition through the Community Services, social media outlets.

Sponsorship Registration now open!

picture of skating

Skating gives families, groups individuals the opportunity to be active while building family memories. 

Cost for one Regular Skating time slot: 
$585 plus HST (one rink only) 

Cost for one Premium Skating time slot (holiday breaks):
$ 675 plus HST (one rink only) 

picture of swimming

Swimming is a lifelong sport and is an important part of the community. Many families, groups and individuals take full advantage of the Bradford Lions Aquatic Centre. Whether participating in swimming lessons, Leisure swims, Lane swims, Family Swims or lifesaving leadership courses; our community stays active in the water. 

Cost for one Leisure Swim time slot: 
$800 plus HST

Cost for one Premium Swim time slot (holiday breaks, special event): 
$1054 plus HST

Swim & Skate Community Sponsorship Application

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