National Drowning Prevention Week

National Drowning Prevention Week

Despite a downward trend, drowning is still the third leading cause of death in Canada. Drowning is preventable! Join Lifesaving Society Canada and the BWG Leisure Centre in bringing awareness to the drowning problem during National Drowning Prevention Week from July 18–24, 2021.

Statistics show that almost 70% of drowning fatalities never intended to go into the water and were often within 15 metres of safety. Nearly every Canadian has known someone who has drowned or had a non-fatal drowning experience, whether personally or from his or her community. To help reduce drowning, all Canadians are encouraged to:
• Learn the Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive standard (teaches how to survive an
unexpected fall into the water) and participate in a learn-to-swim program.
• Wear a properly fitted lifejacket when out on a boat.
• Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while participating in aquatic activities.
• Ensure that children are under the direct supervision of an adult when around
barrier-free bodies of water.
For the most recent data on water-related fatalities in Canada click here.

picture of PFD and pool toys

Participate in daily social media contests for a chance to win prizes!
There will be daily prize packs to win that include:
•Water toys & sunscreen
•Sprinkler & ON GUARD card
•Towels and beach toys
•Fox 40 Classic Boat Kit
•Free swimming passes

GRAND PRIZE – FREE session of parented swimming lessons. Comment on each post, each day for a chance to win the Grand Prize!

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