Lane Swim Etiquette

Please observe the following procedures during your swim:


  • Spend a few minutes observing and roughly timing the pace of the swimmers already in the pool.
  • There are two lanes designated for fast swimmers, as indicated by the “FAST” signs located at the end of the lanes.
  • There is a lane dedicated to water walking and jogging.
  • Please be prepared to share your lane with other swimmers.
  • Attempt to choose a lane that suits your own pace. A lifeguard may ask you to switch lanes if your pace does not match that of the other swimmers in the lane.
  • A swimmer should be 13+ years to participate in a lane swim, however younger competitive or elite swimmers may be accommodated. Please be prepared to share the pool with all ages.
  • Swim in a counter-clockwise direction when 3 or more swimmers are in the lane. If 2 or fewer swimmers are in the lane it is acceptable to swim straight back and forth, provided both parties are aware of this.
picture of lane swim


  • A lead swimmer who sees another swimmer coming up behind them should stop at the wall to let the faster swimmer pass.
  • If a swimmer is being overtaken by a group, they should allow the entire group of faster swimmers to pass.
  • If a swimmer finds that they are frequently passing or being passed, they should take initiative to move to a more appropriate lane.
  • Don’t be offended if a lifeguard redirects you to another lane. Safety is our primary concern.
swim diagram


  • Swimmers should observe and respect the pace and workout of others.
  • Allow swimmers swimming faster strokes to go ahead. For example, swimmers doing breaststroke, stroke drills, or using a flutter board may need to give way to swimmers doing freestyle.
  • Swimmers resting or otherwise waiting at the wall should stay far to one side of the lane.
  • Swimmers should only stop to rest in the shallow end of the lane.
  • Swimmers should stay aware of arriving swimmers and be prepared to move to a more appropriate lane if/when others join their lane.
  • Swimmers may not cut across lanes of moving swimmers. All participants are asked to enter at the shallow end wall if they are able to do so.


  • Please be aware of any oncoming swimmers and other hazards. Pass along the middle of the lane (to the left of other swimmers), taking care to avoid collisions.
  • No U-turns should be made within 5 metres of the wall. This may cause a collision.
picture of pool equipment


  • Shower with soap and water before entering the pool.
  • No spitting in the water or gutters.
  • Do not wear watches or protruding jewelry. These items can easily scratch others in the pool.
  • Respect the equipment of other swimmers. Do not take flutter boards, flippers, pull buoys, etc. that are at the wall. Borrowing that equipment may force a fellow swimmer to interrupt their routine in order to find a replacement.
  • If you are having a problem or need help, ask the lifeguard.
  • Leave your valuables at home. Day lockers are available. Don’t forget to bring a lock or a quarter.
  • The pool deck can be a slippery place. We encourage you to wear deck shoes around the pool. Please leave your street shoes in the change room.
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